Comodo Ice Dragon

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Comodo Ice Dragon is an Internet browser that uses the basis of Firefox to create a speed and even more secure surfing experience than the mythical Mozilla browser.

Comodo Ice Dragon´s main objective is to improve the security Firefox offers keeping the structure known to all users. All Firefox users will feel at home when they use it for the first time, and they will notice immediately that as well as loading pages very quickly, there are also some interesting improvements regarding security.

The most outstanding element is that Comodo Ice Dragon has a Web Inspector extension integrated into the browser.
This web page, very similar to WOT, will allow us to check the security of any page we visit in an instant, informing us quickly if we find ourselves in a dangerous place.

Comodo Ice Dragon is totally compatible with all of Firefox´s plugins. Not in vain we find ourselves before a slightly modified version of this browser, which has all the necessary to offer quick and comfortable surfing.
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